1. Vehicle categories

The reservation and renting of a vehicle are always the car exactly that you order ‘’a concrete type of car’’.


2. Regulation of Age

The driver, as well as the additional driver, should be at least 23 years. The maximum limit of age is 75 years.


3.  Driving License

The drivers must be holders of a valid driving license at least for two year, which they must present us. Also they have to present the passport.  All of the documents must be genuine.


4. Period of renting

The minimum duration is 3 days. One day of renting is the interval of 24 hours and begins from the starting time of renting. There are charges if you delay for 30 minutes to return the car.


5. Method of payment

In order to book your car, it is necessary that a deposit be made (no larger that € 50). The amount is deposited into the Sonia Cars Hire account. The remainder of the cost of the rental is settled upon delivery of the car. Sonia Cars accepts payment in cash or credit card (Visa or MasterCard)


6. STP

Super Theft Protection, Theft Insurance without liability


7. PAI

(Personal Accident Insurance) Insurance coverage for passengers in case of injury or death (apart from the driver) up to € 500.000


8. Third Party Liability Insurance

  • for bodily harm up to € 500.000 (in accordance to law)
  • for material damage up to € 100.000 (in accordance to law)


9. WUG (Wheels, Underbody, Glass) with no liability