Terms and Conditions

Car rental booking

Fill in the reservation form. Enter your personal information. The required information is the type of the car you want to rent, driver’s age, your mobile phone number and the exact time of arrival and departure in order us to define the cost of the car rental.

NIKITI CARS will send a response to your email within the following two hours. If you accept the offer, you will receive a confirmation of your car rental booking. Please pay much attention to the fact that only when you receive a confirmation email for your car rental booking, your reservation will be valid.

If you wish to rent a car at the same day, call us at +30 2375022215 or +30 6978775660.

We are available to help you 24 hours a day.
Documents required for renting a car

The documents you need to rent a car are your driving license, your Identity Card or your passport.

If you do not choose a Full Damage Waiver (FDW) mixed insurance, you should have your Master or Visa credit card, in order to be displayed on the rental agreement and charged with the equivalent amount, in case of damages caused during the rental period.

Collection Policy

One of our employees will be at the arranged meeting point at the time of delivery and collection of the car. After the completion of the rental agreement, you will be charged with no further hidden charges.

All our vehicles are technically tested and their condition is excellent.

Terms and Conditions

1) Age: Minimum 25 years and Maximum 70 years

2) Driving License: The driver must hold a driving license which was issued at least three (3) years ago.

3) The insurance coverage (C.D.W.) does not cover the following: Damages caused to the underbody, tο the tires and to the seat cover, which have been occurred during driving in improper roads or roads without asphalt cover, damages caused during driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, damages caused by people who are not included in the rental agreement. The renter is responsible for any traffic violation during the rental period. Moreover, during the rental agreement period the payment of fines or any other costs which may be occurred by any traffic violation are borne by him/her and will be sent to the address which has been declared.

4) In case of accident or incident the renter is obliged to follow immediately the procedure below: a) Call the police b) Collect the eye witnesses’ names and addresses c) Do not acknowledge third party claims d) Contact ‘NIKITI CARS’ immediately by phone or other means e) Collect all relevant information from any third party f) Fill in and sign an accident report

5) It is explicitly prohibited to transfer with you illegal immigrants.

6) It is not allowed to prolong the rental without contacting first ‘NIKITI CARS’.

7) You have to hold a written permission from ‘NIKITI CARS’ car rental to transport the rental car by boat.

8) It is prohibited to travel abroad with the rented ‘NIKITI CARS’ cars.

9) Delivery and collection at the airport or at ALPHA DRIVE offices from Monday to Sunday 09:00 – 21:00. For delivery and collection during non- working hours and on public holidays days, you are charged with 15€. If any dispute arises between ALPHA DRIVE car rental and the lessee during the rental agreement, the dispute will fall to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Thessaloniki.

Insurance and Liabilities

NIKITI CARS covers the following:

Third Party Insurance

Third party insurance covers the renter of the car for the death of and personal injury to a    third party up to 1.000.000€ and for material damages up to 1.000.000€.

This insurance is included in the rental price.

Mixed Insurance with Collision Damage Waiver (CDW).

Mixed insurance limits the renter’s liability for car damages in the liability amount of

400€ plus VAT for categories B and C

500€ plus VAT for categories D and E and B1

650€ plus VAT for categories F

900€ plus VAT for categories E1 and F1

Unlimited kilometers, theft insurance and fire insurance. The renter is not covered in the event that the theft was caused by his negligence. Additionally, the personal items of the renter that were in the car are not covered either. This insurance is included in the rental price.

F.D.W. (Full Damage Waiver)

By choosing F.D.W. (Full Damage Waiver) you reduce your participation in the event of an accident at (0) for damage caused to you or caused by others outside the car.

F.D.W. applies only for the drivers that writen on the contract. The driver,should ask for the traffic accident report from the service that has registered the incident. If you do not have the copy of the car accident report, this coverage will not apply. If the tenant was not in the car at the time of the damage, then he is obliged to collect any information he can and immediately notify NIKITI CARS.

F.D.W. (Full Damage Waiver) is only available for leases over three days. The extra daily cost of F.D.W. depends on the type of car you choose and the total lease days.

In the event of an accident or other incident, the lessee must follow the following procedure:

Contact NIKITI CARS immediately.

Notify police and accident care.

Do not recognize third party claims.

Send any relevant documents to NIKITI CARS

W.U.G. (Wheels / Underside / Glass)

With this cover you do not have to pay for damages caused to the wheels, tires, underside of the car, and the crystals.

The additional cost of this cover is € 3.00 per day of any type of car.


Insurance not cover keys (Loose key or damage key)

Border Rentals

It is prohibited to travel abroad (beyond the Greek territory) with a rented ‘NIKITI CARS’ car.

Only when the company is informed and the renter holds a written permission from NIKITI CARS, is a seaborne transfer of a rented car allowed.

Traffic Violations

Under the new Law 4530/2018 (Government Gazette TA 59301 30/03/08) fines related to rented cars (short-term leasing or leasing) are increased to twice the stated amount and are charged exclusively to the lessee.

When the lessee fails to go to the competent service for the payment of the slope, the company undertakes the repayment at the additional cost of 15 euros.


The car must be returned with the same quantity of fuel as shown at the time of pickup.



Our main goal is to treat our customers personally, in a friendly manner and for that we are willing to help and serve them in the best possible ways. We deal with each matter personally and respond to your request promptly.

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